Generations: Lost Species Day 2019 Programme

Autumn/Winter 2019

To mark Lost Species Day 2019, ONCA presents Generations, a creative and educational exhibition and environmental justice events programme that explores the tension between remembering and renewal in apocalyptic times. 


Indigenous perspectives and young voices are often missing from mainstream reporting on the climate emergency, which means that narratives around climate change often ignore their experiences and contribute to further exclusion and erasure. 

We’re proud to be working with artist Deru Anding, researchers from the University of Brighton, Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton and other phenomenal environmental justice activists to deliver an array of events which highlight indigenous narratives and support local, transnational and intergenerational solidarity. 

“Generations is a great opportunity for people from different walks of life to learn about the intersectional experiences of frontline communities and explore possible solutions to the climate crisis. With this exhibition and programme, we want to be able to create spaces for people to acknowledge lost and endangered species and cultures, as well as generate hope for current and future generations.”  

– Susuana Amoah, Curator 

The Exhibition

Indigenous artist Deru Anding will be showcasing an inspiring series of grand panoramic drawings in which he encapsulates and preserves his natural environment and community for present and future generations.

Born and raised amongst the Bidayuh Tribe near the jungle in northwest Borneo, Deru Anding moved to London in 1998 where he has since lived and worked as an artist and architect. Over the past two decades, 75% of Deru’s homeland has been destroyed for palm oil plantations, logging, and other developments. Anding’s drawings conjure scenes of a lifestyle and community lost; his works stretch over a meter in length and are drawn entirely from memory.

Curated by ONCA’s Susuana Amoah, this exhibition of Anding’s works raises awareness of protests against ongoing tropical deforestation and aims to encourage solidarity with indigenous communities

Dates: 20 November – 20 December


Wed 20 Nov, 5 – 5.45pm | Generations BSL tour

Wed 20 Nov, 6 – 8pm | Generations Launch event

Fri 22 Nov, 6 – 8pm | New Threads: Slow Fashion Panel Discussion

Sat 23 Nov, 1-5pm | Make, Do and Mend Day

Wed 27 Nov, 6.30 – 8.30pm | An Evening with Suzanne Dhaliwal

Thurs 28 Nov, 6.30 – 8.30pm | Forest Communities and Palm Oil: Film Screening and Discussion

Fri 29 Nov, 11am | Youth Strike

Sat 30 Nov, 11am – 1pm | Lost Species Day Gathering & Ritual

Thurs 5 Dec , 6.30 – 8.30pm | Solidarity: An Evening with Joshua Virasami & Wretched of the Earth

Friday 6 Dec, 6 – 8pm | Brighton Student Climate Networking Event

Image credit: Deru Anding