Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton

Youth Strike 4 Climate is a global movement whereby young people are striking from school, college or university to demand government action on climate change.

About Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton

Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton have been striking since February 2019, with the Global Climate Strike on 20th September seeing 10,000 young people, adults, and workers take to the streets of Brighton.

Youth Strike 4 Climate strive to keep mobilising and keep educating for an economic system that puts people before profit, a world where environmental and social justice is achieved, free from exploitation, discrimination and colonisation of people and land. 

“The youth of the UK and Brighton demand a Green New Deal that is global and just. We demand a reformation of the curriculum that is truthful and all encompassing. We demand a lowering of the voting age to 16 so that the youths voices are included, not silenced. 

We are fighting for our future and for people’s futures everywhere because we believe in a fair society and a better world for all.”

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What’s On


Join YouthStrike4Climate on the streets or at their various events in Brighton. 

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