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About Us

Creating Space for Change


ONCA is a Brighton based arts charity that bridges social and environmental justice issues. With our public programme, we create inclusive spaces for collaborative learning, artist support and community solidarity. 

Alongside our gallery venue, we manage the ONCA Barge at Brighton Marina, a community centred learning space that supports artist development and offers a programme of creative activities for young people and families in East Brighton.


Advocating for social and environmental justice through the arts 

  • We collaborate with artists, activists and academics to produce and promote creative initiatives and cultural responses to the climate emergency
  • We support local artists, groups and organisations to deliver exhibitions and events that explore issues of social inclusion and social justice

Facilitating spaces for collaborative learning and development relating to art, culture, and conservation

  • We use art to explore stories of extinct and critically endangered species, cultures and ecological communities. 
  • We provide opportunities for artists to research and develop work in response to environmental and social challenges. 
  • We facilitate opportunities for artists to develop their creative practices, receive professional development guidance and engage in peer-led networking.
  • We use art to explore and promote mental, emotional, social and physical health and wellbeing.
  • We deliver and support ecological and creative learning activities for children, young people and families. 
  • We facilitate spaces for anti-colonial and anti-racist environmental education and solidarity. 
  • We collaborate with artists of colour and POC-led organisations to curate and support events and exhibitions that challenge the legacies of colonialism and racism within mainstream arts and culture.
  • We facilitate creative activities that promote education for sustainable development within the Brighton & Lewes Downs’ UNESCO World Biosphere region. 
  • We provide opportunities for people to gain experience in a professional arts environment while supporting ONCA’s activities and development.

Raising funds to support environmental and creative learning projects 

  • We hire out our Gallery and Barge venue spaces for exhibitions, events and co-working to enable us to deliver public learning programmes and outreach work.
  • We ask for one-off and regular donations to help us to care for artists, work creatively with communities and welcome diverse audiences.


You can support ONCA’s activities and development by making a donation, becoming a member or getting involved in our volunteering scheme.

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