A digital image of a black labyrinth against a white backdrop, behind the labyrinth a delicate red thread is woven moving in lots of different directions

Suitcase Theatre presents Ariadne’s Thread

Could you be a part of Suitcase Theatre’s residency on ONCA Barge this October?


There is a thread 

And a Labyrinth

And inside is the monster


In a world of crisis, threads link us together. We have a story. We need you to help us tell it.

We are looking for movers, thinkers and performers who identify as female or non-binary to bring to life an exploration confronting our fears from the climate crisis. In this project you will become Ariadne, wearing an extraordinary garment of reused and found fabrics

This is a multimedia piece combining movement, immersive soundscape and projection which you will create over a week-long residency with an artist, a filmmaker and theatre maker.

The residency takes place on ONCA Barge at Brighton Marina from Monday 24 October to Saturday 29 October. 

If you’re interested in taking part, please contact Tess, , for a sample of the script which you will be asked to read in an online discussion where you can meet the artists and ask further questions.

More information about us on suitcasetheatre.co.uk/ariadnes-thread 


Image credit: Klara Smith