Sam Gibbs: Work Experience

31 August - 2 September

Last week we were delighted to have Sam Gibbs do a three day work experience placement with us in the gallery.

Sam is about to start their 2nd year at Vardean College studying art, photography and sociology and has a keen interest in community arts and culture. During their placement they supported our front of house team to welcome visitors and answer questions about the exhibition – Epha Roe: Photosymbiosis.

They also made this wonderful creative response to the young oak tree that was part of Epha’s exhibition using acrylic paint, felt tip markers, fine line pen and pencil.


Image credits: artwork by Sam Gibbs, photographs by ONCA

Image description 1: a photograph showing Sam Gibbs standing in ONCA gallery holding their artwork next to a small oak tree. Epha Roe’s artwork can be seen on the walls in the background. Sam is smiling and wearing a checkered orange and black dress. Sam’s artwork is a colourful study of the oak tree with the leaves in bright greens and yellows and the background in orange.

Image description 2: a close up of Sam’s artwork showing the stem of the oak tree in dark pencil tones, the leaves in mixtures of bright green and yellow felt tip and the orange background is painted with acrylic and has visible brush strokes.