Two people stood at a table, looking down at a page of dress-pattern instructions. They are on the Barge, an old wooden-clad boat, and behind them light comes in from the windows. Two round lights are attached to the walls behind them, giving a soft, warm glow.

Please support our crowdfunder!

Please support ONCA’s 10th birthday crowdfunding campaign to help make sure we are here for another 10 years and more.

We’ve been around for 10 years, working to make arts accessible to our diverse local communities. We raise awareness around climate breakdown and biodiversity loss, amplifying the voices of those most marginalised, in order to build on the learning and action of the wider climate justice movement. Our work responds to the needs of local people whilst nurturing solidarity with global frontline communities affected by climate change. For example, in the autumn we held a three-day fundraising event for communities affected by the Pakistan floods.

Why are we crowdfunding? 

We’re crowdfunding to keep our central Brighton community space open for more activities! We provide a vital warm space to lots of local people and like everyone we’re facing increased running costs as well as public funding cuts across the arts. In 2023 we’re more determined than ever to bring people together for climate justice through a range of arts and learning activities. At its core climate justice is about community building and empowering local people  to come together and organise ways to push back against the very forces that plunder our planet and keep people in poverty for profit.

Where will your money go? 

Funds raised will help support our regular programme of activities:

  • ONCA Community Afternoons take place in East Brighton, we provide space where participants of all ages can take part in creative activities every Friday. This is a friendly space for conversation, developing friendships and combatting social isolation. People are invited to drop in for the entire session or for a cup of tea on the walk home from school.
  • Dresscue is our twice-weekly sewing space to make, mend and upcycle textiles. Two community artists support people to learn practical sewing skills that extend the life cycle of clothes, reducing fast fashion harms and transforming consumerist culture. We work with groups across Brighton – often those with least access to provision – to help build skills and confidence through sewing projects.
  • ONCA Climate Café is a warm space where people can share their feelings around the climate crisis and social injustices. This service aims to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing needs of local people struggling with climate breakdown. We provide a safe space and a warm meal, as well as signposting to wider community, mental health and climate action initiatives, helping people to access opportunities across the city.

What your donation can pay for 

  • £5 pays the bus fare to enable someone’s journey to Dresscue
  • £15 provides the ingredients for a community meal at a Climate Café
  • £25 pays for art materials and snacks at a Community Afternoon

Go to our Crowdfunder page to read about our lovely rewards and contribute. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support!