onca gallery window at night

My ONCA Story by Daniel Locke

2014 Exhibiting Artist

In 2014, I started working with Sussex University’s ecology charity Rewilding Sussex. The first serious project I was involved in with the group was called Re-discover.

Re-discover was a multi-armed project that involved workshops, youth engagement and an exhibition built around illustration and sculpture. The show took place at ONCA and although funded by the amazing Heritage Lottery Foundation, I can’t imagine the project would have happened without ONCA positively receiving the idea in the first place.

This project came along at a time when I was just starting to identify what it was I was really interested in and where I wanted my (at that point fairly young) art career to go. I think back to this exhibition as being foundational in setting me on the path I have followed since.

Thanks to ONCA we were able to stage a show that was well attended and positively received. Over the 6 years since I have returned to work with ONCA and Rewilding Sussex again. It’s great to know that there are organisations out there that set at their heart the values and willingness to work towards a positive future that you might aim for yourself.

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