My ONCA Story by Cristy Road Carrera

2020 Exhibiting Artist

O N C A’s LOUD + CLEAR Exhibit for me was the perfect integration of all of my practices, from writing punk zines in the 90s to publishing graphic memoirs + my tarot card deck, to the current in-progress painting series that I exhibited: The Rock N Roll Hall of Femme.

Photo of Nadia (Left) and Cristy.

LOUD + CLEAR included performances alongside the exhibit, which highlighted women and non-binary folks on the axis of music and visual art. I don’t often exhibit art, but had been hoping to after completing my last project The Next World Tarot (2018), and starting to redefine my work within both art and music.

I had been touring a lot with my band, Choked Up – but after many of our members parted ways I decided to approach music differently with more intention on my craft as a songwriter, while mourning the communities that have come and gone in the punk scenes I have been a part of. When Nadia asked me to participate in LOUD + CLEAR, both as an artist and a musician, I felt the greatest rush of accomplishment and arrival – as if I could still find communities whilst thriving on my own.

woman in red barre performing with guitar

I found belonging in this exhibit. LOUD + CLEAR happened during a time where I felt accomplished and proud of my trajectory as an artist, but tired of my trauma and my road to healing and self-awareness. Leaving the US to show this work for the first time in a different yet similar world; alongside curator and longtime co-conspirator in the riot grrrl and punk movements, Nadia Buyse, was the culmination of so many personal reinventions. Getting to share this new project, as well as perform new songs with my guitar at ONCA was a really personal and necessary step towards my work and my purpose.

Image Credits: Art + Photos by CRISTY ROAD CARRERA // Video Clip of Summersault Guy (and selfie) by Nadia Buyse

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