FutureGazers, Brighton Festival


Spring 2016

To celebrate Brighton Festival‘s 50th year, Year 4 pupils at Patcham Junior School worked with ONCA to gaze into all sorts of possible futures, making bold creative responses to some big questions.

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What will Brighton look like in 50 years? What are your dreams for the future? If you were in charge, what would you do?

FutureGazers was an extended project culminating in an exhibition in the gallery became a child-led celebration of the power of imagination.

Events Programme

  • May 8th 2-4pm: Thinking-Bubble Hats  What inventions would help to make the future even more exciting? Come and design an invention for the future that will make life easier, fuller, or just funnier! We will provide you with a thinking-bubble hat to fill with your ideas, and inspire others. Plenty of craft and colouring materials will help you to display your amazing ideas. For children aged 5-12. With artist Clare Connelly.
  • May 15th 2-4pm: Write a Future Diary  Inspired by the Mass Observation Project. It’s May 15th, 2066. What are you doing today? For all ages and abilities. With writer Marian Kilpatrick of New Writing South.
  • May 22nd 2-4pm: Magical Wishing Wands  What do you most wish for the future? Safer rainforests and tigers, more libraries and art galleries, or an end to pollution? Come and design a magic wish-wand with an image on it of your wishes for the future.  Plenty of drawing and colouring materials will help you to display your amazing ideas. For children aged 5-12. With artist Clare Connelly.
  • May 29th: Voicemails from the Future  It’s 2066. Who will you call? What do you need to tell them? Using our futuristic FutureBooth, the power of your imagination and any phone at all, add your voicemail from the future to our growing collection. For all ages and abilities but recommended for 12-16s as part of B.Fest.