FutureGazers: “Can art change the world?”

Podcast and Transcript

As part of our FutureGazers programme in Spring 2016, we asked pupils from Patcham Junior School: “Can art change the world?”.

Recording by Keith Ellis


“I think art can change the world because like all the inventions that like, changed the world – the popular inventions – is kind of art if you think about it. A lot of the things we have in the world is made by art, so I think art can change the world.”

“I think art and creativity can change the world, ’cause like, maybe one of our ideas – our ideas on FutureGazers – maybe in the future it could change the world.”

“I think art is a way to change the world because it makes everything more stylish and everything… and more pretty.”

“Urm, I agree – I agree. You can change the world, art change the world, if you think about artists and things that you do – maybe if you make a really good picture, it could become famous or something like that.”

“Art can’t change the world, because I think it’s just, like, a drawing – Bur I don’t think it can change the world. It’s good to look at”

“I totally disagree that it could change the world.”

“I think it can’t change the world because it’s like, a drawing on a piece of paper… But it’s very nice to look at and very nice and fun to do.”

“I don’t think it can change the world, because it’s really like a talent… Like, a ‘thing’ which people can do.”

“If someone looks at it, they might think, like, they want to do that, or something… Whatever it is.”

“Well I think it – art can change the world because anyone can be inspired by it.”

“If you – it wouldn’t really change the world, unless, like, you showed a really really important person who had – who wanted something to be made – like a building or something.”

“I’m in the middle, because yeah, say that everything was just black and white – where we are here, the trees were just black and white, the walls were black and white, everything was just black and white – everything would just be so boring, and no-one would have a chance to make colour at all, for the world.”

“It can make you happy, but… It won’t change the world.”


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Posted on May 29, 2016
Categories: Art for Social Change
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