Artist in Residence: Callous Affection Dance

6 May - 3 July 2019

The Callous Affection Dance residency at ONCA Barge will be part of an R & D process leading up to the debut of new Contemporary dance work – Muerte Amongst Us.

About the Residency

The work and experiential workshops focus on societal relationships to death/anxiety therefore our approach to life. Aiming to highlight the benefits surrounding the cathartic nature of dance and music.

It is no secret that the human condition is in part a state of suffering at our own hands. By fearlessly opening up conversations with our audience through a canny, fresh approach to experiential contemporary choreography, we aim to address this and open up the possibility of a more accepting and liberated community.

Muerte Amongst Us is inspired by Santa Muerte, a female deity in Mexican and Mexican-American folk Catholicism.

Podcast transcript

About the Artists

Callous Affection Dance are a collaborative, young contemporary dance company, based in Brighton and formed in Cornwall. We strive to acknowledge a deep love for and value in human nature, by unpicking the most gnarled and at times ugly threads, woven through our social patterns – in order to truly fall in love, you must become aware of all that your relationship embodies.

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