Environmental Justice Workshop at Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action Occupation

by Susuana Amoah

On Tuesday 21st May, ONCA visited the Goldsmiths Anti-Racist Action Occupation in London to deliver our Unbearable Whiteness of Green workshop.

The Unbearable Whiteness of Green workshops aim to facilitate discussions that examine the ways in which white supremacy permeates the mainstream environmental movement and the climate crisis.

Below is list of actions from the final workshop activity where the members of the group came up with thoughts and actions to adopt following what they learned during the day.

  • Recognise that an Intersectional approach is fundamental to dismantling structural oppression and should be a central concern, rather than an afterthought
  • Be open to criticism and remain accountable
  • Strive to work with under represented groups and work with other activist groups
  • Foster spaces for marginalized and differing perspectives/voices
  • Recognize and not overwrite insightful critique from these perspectives
  • Support a climate justice and anti-racist praxis that is not limited by traditional environmental issues, but rather is mobile, reactive and inclusive
  • Support reparations, wealth and technology transfer
  • Acknowledge the leadership and prioritize the autonomy and demands of frontline communities
  • Consistently question our location (structural and historical) within the environmental movement
  • Focus on structural causes not the individual eg. capital, state and nation
  • Promote accessible political education
  • Make connections/build solidarity with other activist groups – no single issue politics – strengthen each other’s movements

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