Environmental Justice

Activist Workshops & Talks

At ONCA, we facilitate spaces for anti-colonial and anti-racist environmental advocacy and solidarity.

Environmental Justice @ ONCA

At ONCA, we believe that the climate and ecological emergency has arisen from deeply systemic injustices and aim to promote environmental justice through the arts. As part of ONCA’s Declaration of Climate and Ecological Emergency, we’ve pledged to:

  • Use ONCA’s privileges, platforms, spaces and other resources to amplify the voices of people experiencing climate and environmental injustice and highlight intergenerational harm.
  • Support practical acts of solidarity that are informed by people directly affected by the systems and structures driving the ecological emergency, and promote initiatives led by these communities.
  • Ensure that our practices and projects are underpinned by reflective dialogue as we push for rapid action for climate justice.

To see what environmental justice talks and workshops we have coming up click the link below.

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If you can’t make it down to our environmental justice events, you can catch up online by listening to our podcast: Solidarity.


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