Zine: Some of Us Did Not Die

Online Zine

To mark Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2018. ONCA collaborated with three POC artists: Matice Moore, Laurèl Hadleigh and Tsai Tung Li, to develop an exhibition at ONCA gallery, as well as an events programme about biodiversity, racial justice, and environmental justice.

To end the programme, ONCA hosted a zine workshop, facilitated by ONCA Gallery Supervisor, Communications Officer & visual activist Susuana Amaoh.

Zine Editor: Susuana Amoah

Zine Contributors: Connie Finney, Daisy Bacouche, Ellie Liddell-Crewe, Federico Cosci, Olivia King, Persephone Pearl, Rose Hobbs & Wiktoria Uljanowska

This project is supported by funding from Arts Council England, and is part of the nationwide Season for Change – ‘celebrating the environment through culture and inspiring urgent action on climate change‘.