Artist in Residence: Subira Wahogo

6 - 17 March 2019

As part of the Desire & Resistance 2019 exhibition Subira Wahogo will be leading a series of workshops, creating an interactive installation in the gallery and performing their spoken word piece ‘Coffee and Cream’ which will be filmed in front of a live audience.

About the Residency

Coffee and cream as a poem came to being after an experience of harassment at the beach. I was reminded of the myriad ways in which black bodies are fetishised, and how so often we are reduced to food or drinks. I wanted to push back at the exotification, the disempowerment the dehumanisation of this language, and to throw it back at whiteness. – Subira

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About the Artist

Subira is a defiantly queer, unapologetically Black spoken word poet and activist. Their work weaves together the personal and political, through experiences and imaginations, spoken with rage, softness and laughter. Subira is the winner of ONCA’s 2018 Green Curtain Award and our Poet in Residence this March.