two performers looking gormless

Titanic Scratch Performance Party – call for artists

Deadline: Passed

Clowns! Performance Artists! Visual Artists! Drag Artists! Musicians! Puppeteers! Comedians! Dancers! This is a callout for Titanic comedy – on a boat!  Titanic Scratch Performance Party will be an alternative comedy performance party unlike any you have ever seen. It’s Barge Versus Iceberg in the Titanic grudge match of the century, and we’re all going down with the ship.
Clown comedy pioneers Bright Buoy are coming to ONCA Barge for a week-long takeover. Alongside developing their family show Blue Planet III, they are hosting a night-time alternative performance party where anything goes and are looking for fun people to have a fun time with in a comedy/performance collaboration supergroup.
There could be an ice-melting environmental twist here if the people onboard want to make an environmental performance night…
Want to contribute? Climb aboard: Email if you have a stupid or brilliant idea. Whatever you think you can bring to bring a night alive, we want to hear from you.