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Studio 14: The Place of Art

September 2017

Over the past year Lu-Lu and Lydia have been working closely with Studio 14 from the University of Brighton, School of Architecture and Design, looking at ‘The Place of Art’. The project culminated in an exhibition in September 2017.

“As a design Studio we set out to investigate the ‘place of art’ – asking in what form of place and space should, or could, art be held, staged or created, today, and specifically in Brighton? The project arises from observation that the City of Brighton is without a major venue for contemporary art. For a city that has a vibrant art based culture this is surprising. Our work responds to this situation in exploring different, diverse ways through which places of art might be evolved and established.”

For ONCA this is part of initiating a larger, more inclusive, on-going public conversation with Brighton, about the place and purpose of art. This exhibition is a celebration and show case of the project outcomes to date, and marks part 1 in a continuing series of collaborations with Studio 14.

We would like to thank Studio 14, Stephen Ryan, Jack Wates and all of the students involved for their time and commitment to the project.

Read more about the project on the University of Brighton Architecture & Interior Architecture blog.

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Studio 14

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