Sunsets At Sea

Sea Blog – Norway to the Left of Us, Full Moon to the Right

By Laura Coleman

18 July 2014

Spirits are high on Sea Dragon. Despite a gruelling night of continuous rain and head on winds, we are now surfing at 10/11 knots and can see Norway to our left. The sun is shining, and we’re in for another delicious meal by our resident miracle-chef Belinda Braithwaite – its sweet potato dahl tonight, and we’re all hungry despite the rocking of the boat.

I think we’ve all finally found our sea legs! We’ve had a great few evenings of talks, by the artists on board – chatting, collaborating and showing their work – and Rodrigo and Belinda, sharing their extensive experience around the world filming and researching whales. One of the best things I learnt, which I mused on last night as we followed the full moon through the murky darkness, was that humpback whales may navigate by the moon… I didn’t see any, but I like to think they were out there.