Project Art Works Summer Barge Residency

August 2021

This August, we are excited to welcome artist/makers from the Project Art Works collective on board the ONCA barge.

Through their group residency, artists Paul Colley , Lucy, Aida Ashell and Mark Lockton (pictured in featured image above) will use the Barge’s unique location as a base to explore creative processes, influenced by the surrounding landscapes and environment. The residency forms part of ONCA’s Making Care programme for 2021.

Project Art Works is a collective of neurodiverse artists and activists. Their programmes evolve through creative practice and radiate out to awareness raising in the cultural and care sectors, promoting more diverse representation in programming and relevancy for audiences. Find out more about the Project Art Works residency on the PAW website.

Ignition at Hastings Contemporary, 2021 ©Project Art Works

Paul Colley, Ignition at Hastings Contemporary, 2021 ©Project Art Works

Aida Ashell, Project Art Works studio, 2021 ©Project Art Works