O N C A Kids Art & Science Club Pilot Project launches at O N C A Barge

Autumn 2019

We’re delighted to be developing the ONCA Barge as a space for creative environmental learning for East Brighton.

We’ve been developing partnerships around this vision, and are happy to announce that The Ernest Cook Trust are supporting a half term project for children aged 8 -12 this October – November.

Our arts-based workshops linked to the National Science Curriculum will help children access its key concepts and skills by exploring facets of local biodiversity and the Marine Conservation Zone surrounding the Marina. The workshops will form a pilot, helping ONCA

  • Make positive relationships with local schools and community partners 
  • Develop high-quality, repeatable educational experiences for children 
  • Collaborate with local organisations and artists to inspire positive action 
  • Ensure that the ONCA Barge becomes an inspiring centre of excellent creative environmental learning for Sussex and beyond

This project will expand and develop ONCA’s educational offer for children. It will give us a chance to develop and try new learning opportunities with a range of children who would not otherwise access them. It will strengthen our projects’ curriculum links, and help ONCA grow in expertise and reach as a provider of environmental education. It will promote environmental engagement among a demographic currently underrepresented at central Brighton eco activities.

This two day half term workshop is a collaboration between the ONCA creative learning team and local environmentally focused sculptor/ multi-media artist Jeanne Blissett Robertson. Up to 15 children each day will explore the themes of biodiversity and renewable energy through a mix of scientific enquiry, collaborative process and arts practice.

For more information about the half term Art & Science Club please click here.

Image Credit: Margot Minnot Thomas- Cyanoptye Workshop