OFF GRID: Barge artist residency

26 September - 2 October 2022

During this timely residency by OFF GRID on the ONCA Barge, seven artists will focus on water as a channel connecting the physical, the metaphorical and its relationship to survival. The proximity to water at the site ties the location of the residency to its core concerns.

Water flows through current times, affecting communities and the individual. The recent drought is a reminder of its importance.

OFF GRID collective comprises Madi Acharya-Baskerville, Emma Elliott, Robert Good, Susie Olczak, Caroline Wendling, Ian Wolter and B.A. Zanditon. The artists, with separate practices and diverse ways of working, will use the subject of water as a way to connect and work collaboratively. This residency is a development from dialogues that took place on a canal boat on Regent’s Canal in May 2022. This was the first IRL meeting between the artists who formed an online collective during lockdown.

There will be a public sharing on the Barge on the final day of the residency, Sunday 2 October 11-3pm.  All are welcome.

Image credit: OFF GRID