Two people dressed in sleeping bags and kneeling on the floor

Artists In residence: HOAX

4 - 15 July 2018

We are delighted to welcome HOAX to ONCA for an immersive installation and residency packed with workshops and performances. These will aim to re-position audiences and participants within the sticky conversation about climate change.

About the Residency

Part art installation, part absurdist theatre, HOAX will use clown, rhetoric and soft sculpture to examine our cultural response toward our changing planet.


Immerse yourself in visual artist and eco-scenographer Andrea Carr’s metamorphic sleeping bag landscape. Created for ‘stuck’ from repurposed camping equipment at Reading Festival clean up, the work interrogates the shifting ecological relationships between what it is to be human, our imagination and the terrains we inhabit. Here you are invited to dream.


Strap on your inflatable safety device to meet three fates who are caught between their memories, fantasies and present day predicament. Laugh as they become increasingly stuck. In the muck. WTF?! Devised with clown-director Lucy Hopkins and eco-scenographer Andrea Carr, ‘stuck’ is a hilarious exposé of the end of the world as we know it.
Developed in Iceland, Paris and London with the support of Bathway Theatre Network and Arts Council England, Stuck was selected for the Aesthetica Art prize long list in 2017.

PRONTO workshop series

A ‘Pronto’ is a piece of theatre, immersive live-art performance or public intervention that is created in response to a place, situation or idea.  It is is generated quickly, performed promptly and remembered forever. HOAX will be facilitating a series of ‘Prontos’ during their two week takeover at ONCA – these workshops are designed for artists or people who would like to learn how to make great art quickly. 

5 July Pronto 01: Eco-scenography in Action

5 July: Collaborative Future Fictions symposium and scratch night featuring new work from HOAX and others

6 July: Pronto 02: Site-Specific Performance Making

6 & 7 July: ‘stuck‘ performances – come see award-winning theatre!

8 July: Pronto 04: Play on the Beach, 12-4pm, free. Join HOAX for a drop-in beach play day of activities, playing games and sculpting plastic. All welcome! 

13 July: Pronto 05: Re-imagining the Stories We Tell

13 July: Kids Pronto: Mask-Making

14 July: Kids Pronto: Make a Play in A Day

About the Artists

HOAX specialise in provocative contemporary work, blending text, physical theatre and comedy to give voice to social and ecological issues. They formalised as a company in early 2015 after creating Tack-On Tours: The Ugliest Buildings in London at the London Festival of Architecture, which as hailed as “genius” by A Younger Theatre and was Londonist’s pick of the festival. They have since gone on to create several acclaimed productions, including winner of the People’s Choice award at Vault Festival 2016, Hysterical and Vault Festival 2015’s Origins Award for Outstanding New Work recipient – Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.