Artists in Residence: Graduate Monthly

16 January - 28 April 2019

The Barge Residency is a three-month-long artist residency that will provide studio space and professional support to Graduate Monthly collective to develop and showcase new artwork in response to the socio-historical and environmental conditions of the Brighton Marina area and the barge itself.

About the Residency

The emerging artists will run open days at the studio and welcome on board local community, as well as anybody else willing to find out more about the Graduate Monthly programme and the ONCA Barge, for a hot drink and a chat.

Residency Dates: The Barge


  • Sunday 17th 6am – 12pm = Car Boot Sale
  • Saturday 23rd = Open Studios
  • Friday 29th = Boat Trip TBC


  • Sunday 7th 6am – 12pm = Car Boot Sale
  • Saturday 27th & 28th = Final Exhibition

Podcast transcript 


Ella Husbands

Ella Husbands’ work explores notions of disrupted perception. She often combines videos and objects to immerse the viewer in a distorted environment. Her work is connected to her current experience with chronic fatigue syndrome and centres on a sense of movement and pattern. During the residency she will create new work that responds to the natural surroundings of The Barge and focuses on the movements within water and our shifting perceptions of time.



Violet Blyth

Through moving image and installation, Violet’s work preserves moments of transition. These everyday in-between states offer a meditation on the evolving relationship between human activity and natural processes. There is a conscious interplay between scenes and how they are presented; viewed on, through or reflected off materials with their own fragility. Her imagery tends towards muted palettes, unlikely blossom and amorphous remains of activity – appearing as if of another world.



Violeta Marchenkova

Violeta is a queer cultural activist and moving image artist whose practice comprises documentary work, personal essay films, written pieces of art criticism, and collaborations on SEA projects. Her work is informed by queer and disability theorists, intersectional feminism, precarious aesthetics and the spirit of Russian pop culture. Violeta is an organising member of Devil’s Dyke Network.


Tom Nicholson

My work develops out of specific spaces and opportunities for critique. I interact with sites through ‘public intervention’, site-specific works and documentary approaches, utilising found matter and everyday situations. I also form institutional or social critiques often in the form of exhibition as a way to determine the viewer’s experience aiming to create didactic scenarios.

I am currently undertaking a collaborative artist’s residency with ONCA Gallery at The Barge at Brighton Marina. Hoping to take advantage of everything the area provides including its boat tours, car boot sales and the awkward atmosphere.

Lorna Ough

Thus far Lorna’s work (as both an artist and curator) has been centred around the dynamics and nuances of conversation and often takes the form of either writing or discussion. Thinking of the gallery space as an organism waiting to be embellished with ideas, images and situations. A corner of a room holds its own specific symbolism, so why not extract and emphasise that through curation? Lorna currently works with Towner Art Gallery, as a research assistant for The University of Brighton and as a project manager with the blackShed Gallery. She was also instrumental in instigating the Graduate Monthly programme.


Jess Butcher

Jess is a performance artist, filmmaker and writer. Informed by people-watching, she collects sights, sounds, and scraps of conversation that later feature in her practice. Her work contains choppy references to both popular culture and personal anecdotes. Alongside this, she looks at ‘quintessential British culture’, by observing bastions of British life such as the pub, the pavement, and the greasy spoon, as microcosms of society. Jess is also the founder and director of The Bobolyne Poets, and The Writers Club; creative collectives that host nights for refugee-related charities.


Vienna Orme-Williams

Vienna works with film, photography, and installation art to explore gender role play and performance in domestic and work environments. Her works form a conversation through the joining of imagery and poetry, often portrayed with undertones of sarcasm and humour. Throughout the residency, Vienna will take the opportunity to personally explore the harbour as work-place rather than a place of consumerism. She will observe the individual, more traditional subdivisions of the wider harbour community. Against a constant backdrop of well-known sounds of the harbour, the work will be punctuated by audio excerpts of conversation and film photography.