Experiencing Change Exhibition

Artists in Residence: Experiencing Change, Changing Experience

26 July – 5 August 2016

Experiencing Change / Changing Experience investigates a world where environment and society is in a state of flux with large, and sometimes devastating, changes predicted for the future. 

About the Residency

This project is devised by lead artist Valerie Furnham in collaboration with researcher Dr. Rosie Robison [GSI], and with the support of Arts Council England, ONCA and The Global Sustainability Institute.

During the exhibition artists in residence, Mark Vennegoor and Aurora Sciabarra will each develop new work in the gallery, inviting visitors to participate in their practice.

26th July – 5th August Aurora Sciabarra will be investigating the presence and disappearance of the bee. Making latex bees, and inviting the public in to make flowers out of beeswax and then hand-pollinating the flowers, Aurora seeks to unlock know what is like to do what bees have been doing for us for centuries.

26th July – 5th August Mark Vennegoor will launch his playful participatory art project, Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. Smoothie Takeover through a performance of selling banana smoothies, stitching banana skins on vinyl, and buying shares from the profit of Del Monte Produce Inc. Throughout the exhibition, Mark will show his performance and investigate the history of the banana in Brighton.