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Art On The Edge

20 August 2015

“We go to sea to observe, document, learn, listen and communicate.” Pangaea Exploration

Are you an artist, storyteller, performer, musician, writer, creator, scientist, or general change-maker? If so, great. But if not, then even better for ONCA’s upcoming expedition!

Purveyors of bringing people closer to the threats facing our oceans, Pangaea Exploration gather all the expertise they can muster and take to the seas, but furthermore, it takes someone like an artist or cultural commentator to help break the inertia and inaction of the mass public by allowing important ideas to permeate into popular knowledge. A person who is not already studying in the field of marine conservation is thus perfect, for in simply participating, they help to spread the word, even if it is only one person at a time.

That person can be you. In January 2016, Panagaea Explorations are, in collaboration with ONCA, launching the Art on the Edge expedition, and recruiting artists to sail from Guyana to Trinidad and Tobago to explore the threat of rising sea-levels to seaside communities. Pangaea are pioneers in every measure, using creative co-working, knowledge sharing and adventure to explore possibilities of positive change for both ourselves and our planet.

Panagaea themselves have been operating since 2010, using the formidable SeaDragon vessel to conduct expeditions throughout the world, journeying from across the Atlantic and Pacific, from Namibia to Vancouver, San Diego to Tokyo, or Chicago to the Galapagos. They have worked extensively to highlight and combat the plight of plastic pollution in the ocean, looking to thoroughly establish how much plastic covers any given beach, while simultaneously combating ocean acidification and toxin pollutions. The root of these missions is to fundamentally prevent damage to both human life and the collapse of biodiversity.

The body of research conducted by the expedition and work created by the artists on the journey will consequently make up an exhibition at ONCA in November 2016. The multi-disciplinary exhibition titled Art on the Edge will address what it means to live ‘on the edge’ of unprecedented environmental change. The expedition will enable art and artists to communicate the work of key scientists, who are grappling with these often overwhelming and intangible global challenges.

“Terrifying and beautiful in equal measures. Looking back on it now, the whole experience was surreal and dreamlike, sailing the high seas through the white Northern nights. Sometimes I think I can still taste the salt on my lips…” – Helen Cann, artist and crew member of Sea Dragon July 2014

For more information, please get in touch via or visit Pangaea Explorations website here.

We shall not cease from exploration,

And in the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.   

– T.S. Eliot