Window Plan

The Making of an Exhibition

By Helen Cann

It’s been a long hard slog of a month but finally the exhibition (my first solo show and book launch) of ‘Hand Drawn Maps’ came together…

I started planning the window display in late May. I wanted something to stand out, advertise the exhibition and get visitors in as the show only lasts for a few days….

These were the thumbnail prototypes for the window display:

Cann Thumbnail 1

I then chose a design in consultation with the gallery and created a very basic mock up on Photoshop…

Photoshop Window

Most of the signs had already been created but I had some hand lettering to do and some tweaking…

Cann Arrow

Red arrow looking slightly wonky before it got a strong and stable backing…

Hand Sign

A ‘hand’ sign done by hand…

Illegible Sign

A sign I gave up on because of its illegibility….

Maps Sign

That’s better. Something a little cleaner…

Next, a few hours moving signs around till I got the best arrangement. It took longer than I expected and taking into account the gallery framing system, I used some easels and a wooden box….

Window Plan

Planning how the window installation would look in the studio…

Paperwork needed to be sent to the gallery including a price list and my artist’s blurb, all done along with the poster and invite, also designed in late May. The latter were sent out to my mailing list and to free online listing sites locally alongside Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  in early June.



From this, I got featured in a lovely preview piece written by Peter James Field for the Brighton Source.

Prints had to be printed and framed images protected with bubble wrap. Some friends were organised to help me carry my framed pictures, prints and window installation signs to the gallery.

Two days before the exhibition, my head was running wild. Advertising – check. Marketing – check. Delivery of artwork to the gallery – check. Paperwork to the gallery – check. Beer bought for friends – check. I was crossing my fingers that the show would go fine and be a fitting launch for ‘Hand Drawn Maps’…

Now, with the exhibition over, I have some time to reflect…

Over 65 people came to the private view, there were a lovely number of sales and I think everyone had a great time! Here are some photos of the final exhibition to end on:

Window Installation Up

The window installation going up.

Installation Glory

The window installation in all its glory…

Window 1

Window 2

More photos of the gallery installations.

Quiet Before Storm

The gallery in the quiet  before the storm.

Early Visitor

Prints from the ‘Hand Drawn Maps’ book and an early visitor.