Persephone Pearl

at O N C A

At the end of 2023, we said goodbye to Persephone Pearl who has been with ONCA since its beginning in 2012.

They have poured immeasurable love and care into ONCA and leave a legacy that our team is proud to continue. Involved in both the artistic direction and seeing to the organisational management, we have been blessed with an all-rounder who turned up year after year to build and develop relationships with artists and organisations like Cultures Declares Emergency, The Living Coast and Lost Species Day – those working to create a better future free of social and environmental injustices. 

We thank you Persephone for the endless care, for your insights, critical thinking and depth of work, for your unwavering generosity, for your deep sensibility towards the human and non-human, for bringing your life’s energy to ONCA for over a decade. It has simply been a gift. You will forever be woven into the fabric of what we strive to achieve. 

Thank you for making it so hard for us to say goodbye to you – a sure measure of your contribution. Wishing you love in the adventures and opportunities ahead of you. 

From the team and trustees at ONCA