Statement on the Israel-Palestine conflict 2021

By Persephone Pearl & Lydia Heath

As an arts organisation committed to addressing structural injustice, ONCA condemns the violence of the Israel-Palestine conflict, specifically the ongoing atrocities committed by the Israeli state against Palestinian civilians. We recognise the extreme historic and geopolitical complexity of the situation and support all efforts to promote healing and conciliation in the region. 

ONCA supports and platforms artists and activists making work that explores structural violence. It also supports the right of artists from marginalised communities, and those enduring conflict, interpersonal, state or corporate violence, to be seen as individuals and artists independent of those issues and identities. We do not expect artists to be activists. 

Hili Greenfeld was scheduled to be ONCA artist in residence in July last year, with a subsequent solo exhibition following in August. Between 2016 and 2019 ONCA sought to secure funding for an international collaboration inviting Hili to Brighton to adapt her Sweet Water Canal project for a UK audience. This was an ambitious project that explores themes of war, theft, acquisition and collection. This project is on hold due to the ongoing pandemic. During this time, MaGifa emerged as the artist’s personal way of coping during lockdown and is our collaborative response to these changed conditions. 


Image credit: Artwork by Hili Greenfeld