O N C A & Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton: Generations

Video & Transcript

To mark Lost Species Day 2019, ONCA collaborated with artist Deru Anding, researchers from the University of Brighton, Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton and other amazing environmental justice activists to create Generations.


All: Hello

Amber: I’m Amber

Carla: I’m Carla

Jo: I’m Jo

Carla: Youth Strike 4 Climate Brighton are part of a global movement of young people who are striking from school, college and university to demand government action on climate change.

Amber: This November we’ve teamed up with ONCA, Deru Anding and researchers from the University of Brighton, to mark Lost species Day, an annual day of remembrance, that explores the stories of extinct and critically endangered species, cultures, and ecological communities.

Carla: Together we’ve curated a creative monthly-long educational environmental justice events programme called Generations.

Jo: We’ve got lots lined up but there are two important dates that we want you to put in your diary. The first date is Friday 29 of November – also known as Black Friday.

Carla: On this day, we’ll be taking to the streets again and want people of all ages to join us at 11am on Madeira drive, in saying no to consumption and yes to sustainable future for all generations.

Jo: The second day is Friday 6th of December

Carla: If you are a student above the age of 16 who wants to get involved with climate justice in Brighton,

Amber: We are co-hosting a networking event at ONCA gallery at 6:30pm.

Carla: You can find information about the full Generations programme at www.onca.org.uk