Free Palestine 

Resources for solidarity and learning

From the perspective of the UK, we witness only a partial view into the conflict and destruction. Our hearts here at ONCA are with every life gone and hurt by ruin. We stand by the call for a ceasefire and for a free Palestine.

Political leaders in the UK and across the globe have the power to act. We call upon them to lead with their hearts to bring an end to the severe inhumanity they are allowing.

In the context of the ongoing Israel/Palestine crisis and its current horrific escalation (October 2023), ONCA has put together a list of organisations to learn from or donate to, articles to read and commentators to follow for a better understanding of the conflict, the apartheid and the occupation of Palestine. It is imperative to stand against antisemitism whilst standing for Palestinian liberation and sovereignty.

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  • The Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement is a Palestinian-led global movement for freedom, justice and equality, based on the principle that Palestinians are entitled to the same rights as the rest of humanity. Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the BDS call urges action to pressure Israel to comply with international law. The UK’s Anti-boycott Bill threatens this approach.
  • ALLMEP – Alliance for Middle East Peace – is a US-based coalition of over 170 organisations—and tens of thousands of Palestinians and Israelis—building people-to-people cooperation, coexistence, equality, shared society, mutual understanding, and peace among their communities. Their aim is to add stability in times of crisis, foster cooperation that increases impact, and build an environment conducive to peace over the long term. Read their October 2023 statement here.
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) works for the health and dignity of Palestinians living under occupation and as refugees, providing immediate medical aid to those in great need, while also developing local capacity and skills to ensure the long-term development of the Palestinian healthcare system. Donate to their Gaza emergency appeal here.
  • Palestinian Social Fund raises unconditional funding for cooperative farms across Palestine, supporting youth to return to the land, reclaim food sovereignty and ensure material self-sustainability rooted in the principles of Al-Ouna (العونة), communal values of solidarity and reciprocity.
  • Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign (BHPSC) campaigns for the rights of the Palestinian people, including their right to self-determination and the right of return for refugees. 
  • Artists for Palestine UK (APUK) is a growing network of artists and cultural workers standing together for Palestinian rights and for a just resolution for all in Israel/Palestine, including for Palestinian refugees. Its mission is to mobilise British artists and audiences in support of Palestinian rights and towards achieving freedom, equality and dignity for all people. Sign the artist’s pledge
  • Na’amod (British Jews Against Occupation) is a movement of British Jews seeking to end the community’s support for the occupation, and to mobilise it in the struggle for freedom, equality and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis.
  • Adalah Justice Project is a US-based Palestinian advocacy organisation that aims to shift public discourse and policy on Palestine and work towards collective liberation. They have a collection of resources and information about Palestine and the Palestinian people that analyse the historical roots of the injustice, connect Palestine to other social justice movements, and visualise a way forward.
  • Jewish Voice for Peace is a US-based movement of Jews and allies working for liberation and justice in Palestine. It opposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression and seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem.
  • Many Jewish people in Israel and around the world are resisting the occupation in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Some social media accounts offering pro-solidarity Jewish perspectives include @progressivejews and @adameli. @rabbiellisarah is Rabbi Emeritus of Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue.