Despite Extractivism

New exhibition & events from the Extracting Us Collective

Despite Extractivism assembles expressions of care, creativity and community in relation to diverse extractive contexts. 

Enter Exhibition

The exhibition is both an exploration of extractivism and of the already-existing alternatives. Collectively, the works in this exhibition illuminate and explore ways of questioning, subverting and resisting the violent logics and impacts of extractivism. We ask:

    • How do communities and creatives (struggle to) cultivate care for nature and for each other despite extractivism?
    • How can sites of extraction be a fertile ground for alternatives?
    • How do artistic interventions help foster new sensibilities and solidarities with distanced extractive contexts?
    • Like weeds growing through the cracks in concrete, and in their flourishing slowly forcing the cracks to widen, how do the artworks brought together in Despite Extractivism suggest other ways of being in the world?

Despite Extractivism is part of the ongoing ‘Extracting Us’ collective journey exploring the  diverse, uneven but sometimes connected ways in which resource extraction also extracts from communities. The collective is connected to the  EU-funded WEGO-ITN network for Feminist Political Ecology research, which informs its theoretical approach, and curatorial principles and practices. It also works with and receive support from ONCA, and with the research Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics (SECP) based at the University of Brighton.