Mr Mead

Artists in Residence: HOWL Projects

27 - 28 February 2016

What is territory and does it limit us? Do we return to our birthplace as tourists? Is global travel empowering or does it inspire isolation?

About the Residency

Over the last weekend of February 2016, HOWL Projects delve into the vast, bizarre and threatening system of global travel. Through live participatory illustration HOWL invites Brighton to join in a satirical and creative appreciation of easy-jet culture.

Howl Projects is an art & illustration collective working mostly within the field of pop surreal and ‘low brow’ art. All of the artists at HOWL Projects are working illustrators embarking on more ambitious and tailored projects such as large scale installations, mural painting and live art.

About the Artists

HOWL Projects launched in Berlin in the summer of 2015 and has since exhibited at Doomed Gallery in Dalston, London. The aim of HOWL Projects is to create exceptional art events, push the boundaries of contemporary illustration and find the corners of contemporary practice where some might fear to tread.

HOWL residency artists include:

Mr Mead

Mr Mead’s speciality is creating dark tales to be acted out by his special interpretation of animal people. A parade of masked beings emerge from his strange fantasies, their hollow eye sockets beckoning as they appear from a black void.

Using traditional pen and ink techniques Mr Mead creates original artwork for exhibition and to commission, he has recently illustrated his first major book which will be be released in autumn 2015. He is interested in applying his style and imagination to new forms and has previously created a deck of cards, product designs and murals as well as more traditional illustration work.

Mr Mead

Pete Murgatroyd

With strong influences in music, science fiction, philosophy and video art, Pete Murgatroyd’s illustrations and comics are mind-bendingly memorable. Strong colours and designs dominate his work, creating a swirling miasma of lurid imagery. 

Pete’s prizewinning illustrations have appeared in numerous publications and alongside collaborators in the collectives Puck, New Rule and Dark Matter. 

Stuart Blackmore

Stuart Blackmore uses a variety of media to create statements, whether profound or irrelevant.

He is interested in visualising the subconscious and favours instinct and honesty rather than a polished plan. Freezing a thought, or playing with a pen often culminates in pieces which can leave the viewer, and Blackmore with a sense of uneasiness or amusement.

Bridget Meyne

Bridget Meyne is an illustrator based in Brighton. Her work covers a wide range of subjects, including alternate dystopian universes, the digital age, monsters, bored women lying around and balding men. She works in a range of media, from pen and ink illustrations & comics to larger paintings and papier maché.