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What We Do

ONCA supports the wellbeing of people and places by increasing awareness of, and engagement with, environmental and social challenges. We are a space for meeting, thinking, learning and celebrating art, always encouraging artists and audiences to ask big questions about difficult issues.

ONCA embraces diverse perspectives and needs by modelling and fostering inclusive creative practices. We are proud to help people imagine, and move towards, thriving futures. To do this, we partner with local and international artists and organisations. We specialise in creative learning projects with children and young people.

We do all this from our gallery and seaside learning space in Brighton, UK, where we host a range of events – some led and curated by us, and some by visiting artists and companies who hire our venues. Upstairs at ONCA we also run workspaces for artists, charities and businesses. To find out how ONCA began, read our story here.

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“A wonderfully creative space for exploration and reflection” (Caroline Lucas), which “brings together communities in open-hearted and mind-altering ways” (Robert Macfarlane).

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