embroidery by Katie Tume

Cheetah: The Next Extinct Icon?

23 September

Join us at the unveiling of the Booth Museum’s taxidermied cheetah with a panel discussion on taxidermy, extinction and creative responses to ecological loss. Meet ethical taxidermist Jazime Miles-Long, master embroiderer Katie Tume aka Mother Eagle, and Lost Species Day historian of biodiversity Matt Stanfield. There will be artefacts to handle, and opportunities to get close up to the cheetah, as well as time to chat with curators from the Booth.

Jazmine will talk about the process of rehabilitating a skin that was kept in storage for 30 years, Matt will discuss the significant threats currently faced by cheetah populations, and Katie will talk about the life story of this individual cheetah.

Saturday 23 September, 2:30 – 3:30pm FREE, suitable for all ages.

This is an offsite event taking place at The Booth Museum of Natural History, 194 Dyke Road BN1 5AA.

We will be exhibiting Katie’s Extinct Icons and Ritual Burials series at ONCA 22 November – 3 December as part of our programme for Remembrance Day for Lost Species 2017.