"Mythic meets the neoliberal", Beverly Naidus 2016. Pastels/ chalks

Beverly Naidus: We Almost Didn’t Make It

20 October

Friday 20 October, 6:30 – 9pm.

‘We Almost Didn’t Make It’ is an interactive art workshop that deals with the issues and emotions surrounding climate change. Inspired by her training with Joanna Macy, Thich Nhat Hanh, Victor Lee Lewis and Augusto Boal, pre-eminent US-based artist-activist Beverly Naidus will lead participants through a series of exercises and games that will explore different ways of processing feelings about the issues. After sharing the complex emotions that arise when discussing how our descendants may fare in the future, we will explore actions that can be taken to ensure not just the existence of humanity, but a thriving and just world for all. As part of our creative process together, we will create “artifacts” that describe an action that we intend to take or that we are already taking. With permission, some of these artifacts will displayed to inspire others as part of a life-size game board installation at the ONCA Gallery.

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There is also a free talk event at ONCA on Wednesday 18 October.

About Beverly Naidus:
Beverly Naidus, interdisciplinary artist, writer and facilitator of an innovative studio arts curriculum, has been creating interactive installations, digital projects, artist books and narrative drawings for over three decades. Much of her work is audience-participatory, inviting people to tell their own stories in response to the theme being explored. Inspired by lived experience, topics in her art focus on environmental and social issues, including how we are individually and collectively affected by racism, climate change and multiple forms of systemic oppression. Her unique courses at UWT emerge from her own projects and include: Art in a Time of War, Cultural Identity and Art, Body Image and Art, Eco-art, Labor, Globalization and Art and the Artist as Visionary and Dreamer. She facilitated and designed the permaculture-inspired, eco-art project, Eden Reframed, on Vashon Island, WA, funded by the Royalty Research Foundation. Her work has been exhibited internationally, in mainstream museums, university galleries, alternative spaces and city streets. It has been reviewed and discussed by many significant writers, including Lucy R. Lippard, Suzi Gablik, Paul Von Blum and Lisa Bloom. She is the author of Arts for Change: Teaching Outside the Frame, numerous essays on socially engaged art and pedagogy and some recent pieces of speculative fiction. She has taught at several NYC museums, Carleton College, Cal State Long Beach, Hampshire College, Goddard College and the Institute for Social Ecology. She has guest lectured and led workshops all over North America and in Europe. As part of her new collective, ARTifACTs, she is collaborating on an interactive, multidisciplinary project about the future. “We Almost Didn’t Make It” imagines the artifacts (and stories that emerge from them) found by our descendants that allow them to envision the horrors and contradictions of our present world, and the miraculous risks taken by activists (their ancestors) that allowed the descendants to even exist. Her website is http://www.beverlynaidus.net/ and her eco-art project’s blog is www.edenreframed.blogspot.com