BPF16, MAP6 Laurie Griffiths & Jonty Tacon

Brighton Photo Fringe 2016

1-30 October 2016

In 2016 ONCA partnered with Brighton Photo Fringe for the first time, showcasing work by a selection of lens based artists including; MAP6, Hemera Collective and Legacy Film.

Brighton Photo Fringe (BPF) is a volunteer-led, collaborative platform providing essential professional development opportunities and peer-support for emerging lens-based artists. Committed to equality and diversity, BPF’s year-round programme fosters ambition, innovation and self-reliance in artists; nurtures confidence and creativity in participants; and inspires audiences with extraordinary images in unexpected places.

BPF has gained international recognition for the quality of its inclusive programmes over the past decade. The open ethos of the Fringe makes it distinct from any other photography or lens based festival presently working in the UK. Participation is key to everything we deliver, whether it is directly targeted at participants, community groups or audiences.

Established by local artists in 2003 to compliment Brighton Photo Biennial (BPB), every two years BPF designs and delivers a city-wide festival of exhibitions and events that attracts local, national and international participants and audiences. Since its inception, the BPF has grown into one of the largest festivals of its kind in the UK, attracting over 60,000 visitors in 2014. Showcasing the best of current photographic practice, BPF is open to everyone and everybody’s invited. Our next festival will be in October 2016.

MAP6: The Lithuanian Project 1st – 16th October

Barry Falk / Laurie Griffiths / Jonty Tacon / Heather Shuker / Paul Walsh

BPF16, MAP6 Laurie Griffiths & Jonty Tacon

© Laurie Griffiths & Jonty Tacon, Babochka

January 1st 2015 Lithuania, the last of the Baltic states, became the 19th country to join the Eurozone – with cash machines dispensing the newly designed notes at 30 minutes past midnight. Many of the country’s 3 million residents welcomed the move, believing themselves to be one step closer to being seen as “European”.

Europe – seems a simple term of phrase. Dig a bit deeper and you’re reminded it is at once, a geographical term, a political vision, a union of states, a cultural place and a single currency zone. With countless variations, this politically contested; shifting concept is one of the most rapidly changing territories on the planet.

The MAP6 Collective presents a body of work that explores the shifting concept of what defines modern Europe. It’s been 60 years since the publication of Cartier Bresson’s The Europeans – a seminal body of work that continues to shape the photographic world. Since that work was made, a further 24 countries have joined the European Union and a single currency has been born. However, today’s Europe seems even more in flux: more diverse, more politically and economically complex and more destabilised.

With this in mind, the MAP6 collective journeyed to the country that is currently recognised as the ‘official’ centre of Europe to meet some of the newest Europeans. Once a satellite of the USSR, Lithuania is a young republic caught in the process of recovering from 50 years of Soviet occupation. Over six days, six photographers set out to explore its transformation from Communism to capitalism, and how it’s adapting to its newfound Eurozone identity.

BPF16, MAP6 Barry Falk

© Barry Falk, Systems of Absurdity

BPF16, MAP6 Laurie Griffiths & Jonty Tacon

© Laurie Griffiths & Jonty Tacon, Babochka

BPF16, MAP6 Heather Shuker

© Heather Shuker, Divided Lives

BPF16, MAP6 Paul Walsh

© Paul Walsh, Bokštas 25

Hemera Collective: Art/Agency/Ecology: Sites and Citations 19th – 30th October

Ruth Beale / Marie Yates / Leah Borromeo / Katharine Round / Jamie Perera

BPF16, Hemera Marie Yates

© Marie Yates

An exhibition that brings together artists, film-makers, composers and academics who use research-led practice to interrogate the different modes of sharing and interpreting information and ideas relating to public space. In the context of the theme of Brighton Photo Fringe 2016 – the commons – and exhibiting in a space dedicated to the intersection of art and ecology, we will be considering these ideas through explorations of data and land ownership, the relationship between labour and resources, the spaces of activism and how we define our public space. With works including Ruth Beale, Marie Yates and Leah Borromeo and Katharine Round of Disobedient Films with composer Jamie Perera. Through a series of events, screenings and workshops alongside the exhibition we hope to encourage active participation in the debates.

The exhibition is curated by Hemera Collective, a UK-based curatorial collective that specialises in photography and lens-based media, with research interests that range from social history and environmental subjects, to literature and contemporary art.

Legacy Film: Wheel n Come Again 19th – 30th October

Althea Wolfe / Issey Osman / Maria Cabrera / Debbie Plentie / Tokini Fubara / Monika Akila Richards / Leslie Farah Marem / Carla Armour

BPF16, Legacy Film

© Legacy Film

Wheel N Come Again is a dynamic programme funded by Film Hub SE and managed by Legacy Film, presenting an autumn series of films from the African and Caribbean diaspora across Brighton and Hastings. As a key element of this programme, 4 Black female film curators/programmers (Althea Wolfe, Issey Osman, Maria Cabrera and Debbie Plentie) and 4 Black female artists – Tokini Fubara (animation), Monika Akila Richards (spoken word), Leslie Farah Marem (photography) and Carla Armour (mixed media/installation) – will create new artworks in response to the films.

This exhibition is the responses of lens based artists Leslie Farah Marem and Tokini Fubara mainly to the films Born in Flames, Lizzie Borden (US/1989) and Pelo Malo (Bad Hair), Mariana Rondón (Venezuela 2013). Exploring themes of gender, sexuality and identity, Photographer and Animator invite you to respond in your own interpretative way.