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The Living Coast

Environmental Education and Sustainable Development

At ONCA, we facilitate creative activities that promote environmental education & sustainable development within the Brighton & Lewes Downs’ UNESCO World Biosphere region.

The Living Coast

The Living Coast (TLC) is the Brighton & Lewes Downs’ UNESCO World Biosphere region. TLC aims to:

  1. Conserve and enhance nature
  2. Support sustainable human development
  3. Promote environmental awareness, knowledge, learning and engagement

ONCA sits on the delivery board for The Living Coast where we co-lead on the Biosphere arts strategy with Fabrica. To find out more about The Living Coast click the link below.

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Education for Sustainable Development

We are one of the only arts charities in the UK to focus specifically on environmental change and related social challenges. Along with our gallery, we manage the Barge at Brighton Marina as an accessible space for creative environmental learning, especially about The Living Coast. We specialise in the following areas:

  • Supporting scientists and researchers to work more closely with artists
  • Arts-based learning and creative environmental education, with and outside the formal education sector
  • Curating exhibitions and events that raise engagement with such issues as environmental justice and biodiversity loss
  • Supporting artists exploring these issues through their practice

To see what TLC events and activities we have coming up click the link below.

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We also sit on the steering group of TLC’s Nature2020 project. 2020 will mark the end of the UN Decade on Biodiversity, and Nature 2020 aims to celebrate the richness and significance the natural environment of The Living Coast, and actively engage more people in the care and conservation of local nature.

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