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How should cultural organisations and venues respond to climate change and the unfair economic and political systems driving it?

Climate & Culture @ ONCA

ONCA has joined a coalition of over 180 leading UK arts and culture institutions and individuals who have declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency. We’ve pledged to use our platforms to communicate with people and support them to discuss and respond to the climate and ecological emergency, and to understand the changes that are needed. Read ONCA’s Declaration of Emergency here.

We collaborate with artists, activists and academics on effective ways to talk about climate change and promote climate justice. We also devise, host and collaborate on projects that foster agency and self- and group- efficacy among children and young people in the context of environmental change. Here are some of our most recent projects:

What Next? Brighton Climate & Culture

We host quarterly What Next? Brighton chapter meetings about climate change and culture, exploring what is going on and how arts sector practitioners can join forces for positive action locally. Our What Next? meetings to bring together artists interested in tackling climate-related issues and the many related spheres. This is a chance to air ideas, to talk to others doing the same and to learn from each other. Our next What Next? meeting is on 4 June at 9:30 am.

To see what Climate & Culture projects, talks and workshops we have coming up click the link below.

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Climate & Culture Podcast

If you can’t make it down to our Climate & Culture events, you can catch up online by listening to our Culture & Climate @ ONCA podcast on our Soundcloud.


If you have any ideas or questions relating to these activities, please email info@onca.org.uk.