photo of a seagull looking at its reflection in the window

Articulate: (re)imagined spaces

8 - 13 October

8 – 13 October 2018

12:30 – 5pm, free entry

(re)imagined spaces

Our photography invites us to consider what different spaces in the city mean to us. We invite you to reflect on your own personal narratives of spaces in the city. Do spaces hold stories for you? Do you have a secret space? A space that holds a memory? A space that you feel calm in? 

As we navigate through a city, there are places we pass daily without consideration. What might these areas mean to someone else? Is there a hidden story? A first kiss? A place of sanctuary for someone? Was there a witness to another story? Or is it where someone might sleep?

Artworks on display are part of a 12-month photographic project working with young people who identify as homeless or are in insecure housing in Brighton & Hove. The project is run by Articulate in partnership with the Clock Tower Sanctuary and funded by Arts Council England.

Exhibition locations:

ONCA on the Barge, The Waterfront, Brighton Marina, BN2 5UU

Imagery also installed at various street locations across the city