ONCA Top Cat Sarah Edmonds

Sponsor Us

The support we receive from sponsors is a vital part of what helps ONCA grow.

About Top Cats

Top Cats are individuals, businesses and organisations who offer support to ONCA in different ways, including:

  • Offering free or discounted on-going specialist support
  • Donating materials for ONCA’s venues and activities
  • Sponsoring our events

Here are some of our recent Top Cat partners:

To find out more about our Top Cat partnerships please click the link below.

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What we can Offer you

We aim to make sure all of our Top Cats receive the recognition and benefits they deserve. This could include:

  • A hand written thank you ONCA postcard and badge
  • A featured blog post about the partnership on our online news page
  • Invitations to our annual party and exhibition opening receptions
  • Discounted Meeting room hire rates
  • Name credit on our sponsored exhibitions and events material

Get in Touch

We are always looking for organisations to support our exhibitions, events and outreach activities. To discuss membership or sponsorship further, please email .