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Ananya Rao-Middleton is an artist currently based in London. She started painting seriously in November 2018 whilst being house-bound due to a brain injury. Using painting as a way to heal herself, she has fallen in love with painting women using watercolours. She love experimenting with creating pigmented, vibrant paintings that people do not associate with the effects of watercolour.

Ananya is always looking for the next opportunity to translate political issues that matter to her into art. She primarily paints women of colour, examining different gendered and racialised gazes that often render women of colour as hyper-sexualised muses or de-sexualised subjects in art and media. Her paintings challenge these assumptions by depicting women of colour in deliberately care-free situations and as masters of their own narratives. 

Ananya had her first solo exhibition ‘Now You See Me’ here at ONCA in July 2019, which you can read more about here.