Uninvited Guest

Zine Issue No.1

Uninvited guest is a satirical non-profit zine spotlighting up and coming creatives, promoting them within the context of current trending topics. Each issue of the zine centres around a theme that artists can interpret however they like – this approach means the work included is hugely varied – ridiculous, powerful, and pleasingly unexpected.

Curated by Tigger Aine-Ward, the project originally resulted from an art foundation project focusing on the impact of Brexit on her family, and the absurd idea that anyone could be geographically or sociopolitically ‘uninvited’. The phrase ‘uninvited guest’ was taken from an article found in which an immigrant described herself as being made to feel as such since moving to England. It is around this that this first issue is centred as we consider who is, or isn’t, invited?

Uninvited Guest considers sustainability not an aim but a mandatory requirement – each issue of our zine is printed locally on 100% recycled paper. If you have any questions or would like to submit a piece for the next issue send an email to or send us a message on Instagram: @uninvited_zine





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