The Earth Issue: 002

Issue 002: Impact

3 x 11.7″

89 pages, perfect-bound magazine

Printed with non-soya vegetable oil based inks,  full colour on 100% recycled uncoated paper

The Earth Issue is a collaborative effort by Elena Cremona, Archive Collective and The Earth Issue collective. It focuses on the intersection between fine art and environmentalism, exploring our relationship with the natural world through a range of creative media from film photography to ceramic sculpture and performance art.

The Earth Issue 002: Impact features the work of twenty collaborators. Chapter One, I Planted a Seedlooks at grassroot models for sustainable living in Portugal, India, and England, as well as what it means to design a way of life that is holistic, engaged, and socially and environmentally conscious. Chapter Two, Pollination, delves into hands-on approaches to germinating and spreading ecological advocacy through creative media. Chapter Three, There is a River, brings together four photographers adopting an investigative and/or research-based approach in their work. Merging journalistic imagery and personal narratives, they examine specific cases in which people have been deeply impacted by nature, or vice versa. In their own ways, these photo-documentary pieces illuminate the fluid relationship between our natural landscapes and our socio-cultural ones, narrowing in on the spaces where the two realms overlap.

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