Artist Residencies

Since 2017, we’ve been hosting socially engaged residencies for artists who want to research and develop work in response to environmental and social challenges.

About ONCA Residencies

As well as providing space for experimentation and social practice, these residencies support collaborative learning and cultural change in Brighton and beyond. Dozens of artists have benefited from the use of this peaceful and inspiring space to develop work ranging from dance to photography, from video to puppetry.

I had a brilliant time during my residency on the Barge – it was just great. I had space and time to explore, and because there wasn’t the pressure of an outcome, but there was the option of it. It was really nice to actually just make something that felt very instinctive. And very much ‘of the moment’ of where I was. It was a really nice atmosphere and I felt supported. The site of the Barge is incredibly inspiring. A lot of my work ended up being site specific and in response to the Barge, because of its history and its strong, beautiful energy.  – Alicia Radage

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