Olive trees burn during a wildfire

Olive trees burn during a wildfire in Greece. Several hundred year old olive tree burns from inside and that is why it is extremely hard for firefighters to control and extinguish the fire in olive trees fields. When trees die by fire, they release into the atmosphere the carbon stored within them. This is why the effect of wildfires on emissions is among the most feared climate feedback loops - that the world's forests, which have typically been carbon sinks, would become carbon sources, unleashing all that stored gas.More burning only means more global warming, which only leads to more burning. Severe heat and drought fuel wildfires. Rising temperatures evaporate moisture from the ground, drying out the soil, and making vegetation more flammable. As drought and heat continue with rising greenhouse gas emissions, we expect more wildfires in years ahead. The fact that global warming is now hitting its wealthiest citizens is a sign of just how hard, and how indiscriminately, it is hitting.