EARTH, Chris Drury

Creative Team Away Days

ONCA’s skilled team of creative facilitators offer bespoke training, away days and visits for businesses and corporate groups.  Workshop themes include but are not limited to:
  • Creative team building
  • Regenerative working practices
  • Collaboration & co-creation
  • Systems thinking
  • Effective leadership
  • Resilience & wellbeing
  • Mindfulness
  • Intro to sign language with Deaf facilitators
  • Diversity and inclusivity training
  • Release your creativity

Come to Brighton and spend a day recharging your energy and getting inspired with a creative session in our beautiful gallery. Our local foodie friends at Old Tree or Longhouse can cater for you too.

Alternatively, our facilitators can travel to your place of work and run training tailored to your team’s needs.

‘We really loved it! We honestly had no idea what to expect when we came into the room. “A poetry workshop using sign language? What did we just sign up to!?” Although we walked in hesitant, we left amazed, uniquely energised, and more deeply connected as a team. What was most incredible was the fact that we held multiple conversations within that hour (some funny, some inspiring, some sad) without once opening our mouths to speak. You guys are awesome.’

(Testimonial from B+A creatives)

Please call us on 01273 607101 or email if you would like to discuss a day at ONCA for your team.

Creative workshop with Ben & Annabel Macfadyen