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Climate Change

How can arts venues respond appropriately to the entangled social, economic and political crises that lie at the heart of climate change?

As an arts space that focuses on environmental issues, one of our core questions is how to respond appropriately to anthropogenic climate climate.  However, it is difficult for people to grasp the urgency and scale of climate disruption, and we at ONCA are no exception.  Climate change is hard, tangled and knotty.  How can we ensure that our work is as sustainable as possible, whilst also being relevant to this uncertain time we find ourselves in? In the words of the late Rebecca Tarbotton, Rainforest Action Network, 1973-2012:

“We need to remember that the work of our time is bigger than climate change.  We need to be setting our sights higher and deeper.  What we’re really talking about, if we’re honest with ourselves, is transforming everything about the way we live on this planet.”

And from the poet Muriel Rukeyser:

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms.”

How can we tell a different story, then, for ourselves and our planet? Here are some of the climate change related projects we have been working on:


Dream Your School


FutureCoast and FutureCoast Youth

The Festival of Climate Ideas

FutureRoots, a collaboration with SPRU and the ARTS EU – Putting Art Into ARTS

If you want to get in touch with us about any of the above, or your own project, please contact ku.gr1550753242o.acn1550753242o@ofn1550753242i1550753242