Synergy Creative: Wildly Recycled!

18 - 23 December

An exhibition about Climate Change & Mental Health – from Identity, Community to Planet.

“This project is an exciting opportunity to explore the many benefits measures to tackle climate change could bring to our society – from locally-owned renewable power that fosters better community relations, to people-friendly streets that take away the noise and stress of traffic.”

Caroline Lucas

Wildly Recycled! is the culmination of a three-month community art project bringing together collaborations and individual works from Brighton-based artists, volunteers and participants at Synergy Creative Community CIC.

Using the local Rampion Wind Farm as a focus, artworks explore our fundamental relationship to environment as well as our impact on the natural world, pointing to the reciprocal and ever-changing nature of our inner and outer ‘climates’, and the vital connection between self, health, community and planet.    

Concepts were inspired through discussions and workshops exploring connections between Climate Change and Mental Health, and building narratives that move between extremes of utopia and dystopia. The resulting work translates personal hopes and fears, as well as common perceptions around Mental Health and environmental sustainability, using identity, the body, connectivity and collaboration as central themes.

Assembled using mixed media and predominantly recycled materials, the exhibition pulls together subjects including plastic waste and water pollution, renewable energy, disconnection and human isolation, and environmental threat to animal as well as human habitats. The works also portray cycles of grief and renewal, trauma and healing as inevitable parts of human experience. The juxtaposition of ‘refuse’ and brand new materials offers a playful interaction between the natural and man-made, alluding to perceptions of waste and value, art and trash, as well as our culturally perceived ‘separation from nature’.

Overall, the project points to basic core needs of creative expression, empowerment, community and belonging, and interaction with the natural or sensuous world, as a community reflection of what makes a sustainable future.

This project was made possible by the Rampion Fund at Sussex Community Foundation, contributions and donations from Brighton & Hove City Clean Team, David Virgo, and ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ project. Thanks also to all collaborators, artists and facilitators, including Irene Soler, Ayami Uchi, Sarah Moloney, Rachael Taylor, Chum101, and film maker Ed Scott-Clarke.


Tuesday 18th December, 12 – 5pm
Wednesday 19th – Saturday 22nd December, 12 – 6pm
Sunday 23rd December, 12 – 4pm