Lily Rigby: Where Sky Meets Land

3 - 11 November

Brighton based painter Lily Rigby presents her latest body of abstract land and seascapes in this solo exhibition.

A passion for wild landscapes, Lily Rigby creates mystical, deep and turbulent depictions of land and sea. The expressive nature of her work captures not only the form of the landscape, but also reflects the power landscapes have to evoke emotion in the observer.

Seascape by Lily Rigby

Her practice sees her forming layers of paint on the canvas, scraping back and building up many times over to create depth and texture. This process develops the journey of the work, allowing her to feel the mood and atmosphere of the place, which is then reflected in the work.

Lily says: “Dust and darkness, detail and drama. These paintings seek to capture, and set free, remembered and reimagined landscapes. Landscapes that are turbulent and dramatic.

‘where sky meets land’ is a collection of work, particularly inspired by my time spent earlier this year on the magical Isle of Skye. These paintings focus on the meeting place between sky and land, the mystery, high up on a misty mountain or low down at sea level.

I have combined my mood and experience with each atmosphere of the landscape. The internal mystery of my heart and mind is added to the sky and the land and something new is created. These paintings are that new thing, and when they are looked at the experience of the viewer is added to produce another new thing.”


Monday & Tuesday, 12 – 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday, 12 – 6pm & Sunday 12 – 4pm

Launch event // Saturday 3 November, 2 – 6pm FREE, ALL WELCOME

Seascape by Lily Rigby