Umber Ghauri at the fairground

Decolonising Beauty Standards: Shadeism

12 August

Sunday 12 August 6.30 – 9.30pm, £15

Decolonising Beauty Standards is a weekend makeup workshop series hosted by professional makeup artist Umber Ghauri. By creating looks that challenge the gender binary and white supremacy, we can imagine a world where differences are not punished but celebrated.


Umber will be discussing light skin privilege and the history of dark skin, shadeism and the beauty industry. This will be followed by a live-demo which will look at foundation matching and how to find shades for highlighting and contouring. Then we’ll be looking at reclaiming culture, marking the face and reconnecting with lost histories. There will then be an opportunity for people to trial some looks on their own faces and take part in a fun photoshoot.

Colourful face makeup and brushes will be provided, but feel free to bring your own brushes and foundations.

About Umber Ghauri

Umber Ghauri is a makeup artist, writer, model and public speaker. With a passion for celebrating marginalised identities, Umber began their journey with a degree from The Courtauld Institute of Art, quickly moving onto a makeup training course. Combining an understanding of historical and current representation within art and media, Umber realised the role of makeup artist was one of great responsibility where LGBTQ people, disabled people and PoC are underserved. Umber believes that we should all experience our beauty in a positive environment, where we have control over how we look and how we are treated.